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:Edited: Everythings been taken. Thanks

take my stuff.... Curbed 2 Bar Stools, a Coffee Table and a TV tray.. l also have a pool table with all the fixens if you want it.
On across from 64 Waterhouse St in Somerville. (Pool Table is not in the best condition, needs some TLC.)

what an interesting process

So I bruised my ankle, by falling out of my 1st floor window. This all could have been prevented if I had not left my keys at home.. But live and learn I guess. I have all this time off to recover. So I've been reading more letters to my grandmother, from my myster grandfather..
Let me just say, my family is a little broken. But I digress, he is a tough cookie to find. But there is hope, in one of the letters he put a copy of an inspection report about the ship he was on. So it had from what I understand service numbers. I am going to mail a letter to the Navy Record Archives and hope that it will give me some info.
But I digress, he was an odd duck..

More infor soon

In other news, I did great this semester.. Got and A in Art and in Poetry, then passed Science. It was an uphill battle so I am more than happy that I passed. Plus boosted my GPA

In other news, I am bored

finals are this week

next week I'll make a rather large update.
Its my birthday, I want to sleep. But I am going to get threw this day, whether I want to or not. Finals are today and next week.. I remain hopeful about this semester.
I've discovered the awsomeness of chocolate cheerios
and sleep depervation

a real update to come.. just trying to stay awake

Been up to lots of stuff

I hate being so busy. I really haven't had anytime to rest, and with the lack of sleep I've been getting I've had a cold that I just can't shake. Let see, I've been getting my rooms ready for the move, which has been difficult. Its the whole moving on aspect that I am very bumped out about. I stopped at my bedroom, need to start the living room and am not 100% if I have to re paint the hall and kitchen. I am doing this early cause I am thinking this summer is going to be busier than I'd like it to be. In other news my semester will be ending on my birthday, which I think is lame but I can live. In terms of school I am thinking about getting my masters in Communications, though it is just a thought, I was looking into Suffolk U. I plan on seeing if there any other schools with Communications Masters. Though I feel like such a late bloomer when it comes to this BS. I just want to start my business, I just want to have this ace in my pocket just in case, getting my masters will get me a good job, with great pay.. I was talking to Matt about it actually, which I don't mind taking a break so that I can get my master then do my start up after I've settle with my job, life and chillin' So I am thinking start up business around late 30's early 40's. But I hate to have to postpone my dream..
There really isn't anything else new, just lots of thinking about PR stuff, and finishing school
I think it is rather ambitious of me to look at getting a Masters since I am having so much trouble getting my BA. But I like challenges.
What else?
I am still on that genealogy search, so far the DNA testing that I am getting cone is inconclusive, but there is some hope. They plan on re-testing and I hope that there will be some conclusion. Then dad gave me a box filled with letters between his mother and birth father, plus old photos of my grandfather and grandmother. I could only get through one letter so far, they are all from the 40's so they are a bit fragile, but in great condition. Though my grandfathers handwriting is HORRIBLE. I am hoping I can get some answers on why my grandmother wanted them all burned. There is possible to also get some insight on who this guy was and where he ran off to.

Anyone know anything about finding information on people in the Navy??
Anywho, I'm alive and thats all the matters. This week is going to be busy with club stuff but I am also hoping that I can focus on school. Talk to the SBA and deal with some other fun stuff.
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tonight is vigil

today is st. patrick's and Vigil.. should be fun..
right now I am enjoy the great weather, going to buy some smaller canvases I have a rather large one that has been intiminating. Going to take my camera around town and run some chores.

Vigil, Haven & Stainless, oh my..

Looking for some St. Pattie's day debauchery? Dirge & Static will be spinning Goth/Industrial/ Techno/ Rap. Etc. at VIGIL on the 17th.
21+, NO COVER, 9pm-1am
315 Mass Ave, Cambrdige, Ma

Then HAVEN Just Dance! 3/23/10 w/ DJ Rex & Purple 9pm-2am @ Diva's Nightclub

Then Stainless VS. VIGIL 3/24/10 w/ DJ Zid 10pm-1am @ ZuZu

Fliers under cutCollapse )