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snowed in

The plan for today, is to maybe draw a bit, watch bad horror movies and possible writing some thoughts out.
Also shoveling... more shoveling..
I am fighting a slight depression wave, thinking about a lot of things. Trying to not distract from any internal processes, so I am just keeping to myself for a while.
At least I have some things to look forward to...
like, eye dr. & I figuring out stuff
more dr. to talk about depression meds, so I need to do a ton of research before I cross that bridge.
I am going to be finishing school, though finishing my major is up for debate. I may just go for my Liberal Arts degree and call it an accomplishment. Especially since I am very eager to start Assistant Managing at a restaurant and that the career path I want. I think going that direction will be worth while. Then possibly getting my MBA in 2 years or so, once I've got a plan and hope to save some money for it.
There is also the whole trying to acquire a waitress job again has been very vexing. My job just had me start training, but I am still needing the extra hours. I am having trouble making ends meet, but my family has been surprisingly generous. It has been helpful for me getting by. But I am keeping my hopes up that one of these waitress jobs I have applied for will interview me. There is one place, though its in the South End, I'd have to get a car to work there. There is great potential there, they said that when they like my attitude and when I am done with school they could look into having me be an assistant manager. I am hoping for something closer to home, but the opportunity with room to grow is hard to pass.
In other news I want to go out to the clubs again, but need to figure out some balance in the agreement I made with Matt. But thats a whole different thing, and I am really trying not to stress to much about things anymore.
Been meditating a bit more, and doing my yoga. Trying to work out and find motivation to work out has so far been internally rewarding. Though I still feel like I am doing it wrong, but the meditation has been really worth while. I started doing all that to classical music, its been really nice reconnecting with myself.
Actually going to ballet on Saturday and start belly dancing on the 19th. So that will help motivate me. Plus that will make up a bit for the dancing at the clubs I'll be skipping out on. Other than that, still thinking about things, and the break up.. things are still rather rocky.. hoping I can negociate a time to go to ceremony, I want to go and suppourt and see my friends. I really want to go to the steam punk night, but I don't think that will happen.. we'll see though.

back to the cats and off to grab some warmth...


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Jan. 12th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
i have icon envy i do

here's to staying warm
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