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More of a public post.. Helping Dirge

Room(s) for rent, in a lovely apartment on Waterhouse St. in Somerville, Ma

$500 per person

N*Star gas and electric as well as Comcast TV/Internet/Phone $100-$200 per person a month depending on usage.

One block from Massachusetts Avenue, Route 16, and the hub for the 87,88, and 89 bus lines. Walking distance to Davis square and Alewife. Within ten minutes of 93 and 95.

All located within a five minute walk; a super market, two gas stations, four convenience stores and several restaurants / pizzerias.

Rooms / Amenities:
Three bedrooms, two common rooms, kitchen & bathroom. For storage we have a back porch and a large room in the basement. The apartment also has the option of an additional bedroom and bathroom in the basement that can be added to the lease for $500 a month. Additionally as part of the lease to the apartment we have exclusive access to the driveway for the property. The driveway is single lane but it does fit three cars. The neighborhood also has extensive space for resident on street parking and passes for visitors.

Personal Info:
I don't smoke or drink. I have no pets. During the daytime I work as a pharmacy technician at night I DJ and promote for nightclubs. I'm a fairly quite and private person. When I'm not out of the house working (which is rather often) I'm usually in my room working on my computer or with my DJ gear.

I'm looking for two or three potential roommates. My primary concern is finding people who can cover their share of the bills/rent in a timely manner. My home is my safe haven so finding people I can trust is important to me. Generally my rule for roommates tends to run along the "as it harms none do as you will". If you are interested please feel free to contact Dirge I can always provide more information as needed. Also if you know someone who is looking for a place feel free to pass this along
Contact me if your serious about living here, and I will send you to Dirge.